Michelle Wohlberg from Alone

Michelle Wohlberg

Season 6

Age: 31

Hometown: Mullingar, Saskatchewan, Canada

Profession: Homesteader

Michelle Wohlberg is a homestead pioneer thriving in the central area of Saskatchewan, living with her son Lars and her husband Dan. Michelle’s lifestyle places her in the forefront of long-term sustainability and self-sufficiency. When not helping out her fellow remote neighbors, she is hunting and trapping to fill her family’s food stores for the harsh Canadian winters. She’s considered a leader in her community and key influencer in both homesteading and outdoor survival skills.

Michelle is looking forward to her next adventure, teaching survival and outdoor experiences from a camp in Northern Saskatchewan, where she hopes to empower people through ancestral knowledge.

Here are the ten items Michelle selected to bring on her survival journey to the Arctic:

1. Ax
2. Multitool
3. Folding saw
4. Sleeping bag
5. Pot
6. Fishing line and hooks
7. Trapping wire
8. Emergency ration
9. Ferro rod
10. Paracord