Jim Shields

Jim Shields

Season 3

Jim grew up in the suburbs of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. During his college years, he enjoyed rock climbing, mountaineering and adventure traveling. He also spent extended periods of time working as a professional wilderness guide in both Colorado and Alaska. In 2003, he started an Adventure Club at his high school in Horsham, PA, where he planned and guided trips to Maui, Alaska, British Columbia, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Utah, Costa Rica and Turkmenistan.

For the last thirteen years, he has been teaching high school. For eight of those years, he’s been teaching a self-designed wilderness survival and mountaineering course, as well as running a leadership program at his high school. He is also a certified Wilderness EMT. Jim lives with his wife Jennifer and their two dogs Gizmo and Ouray.

Here are the ten items Jim selected to bring on his survival journey to Patagonia:

1. Sleeping Bag: -20°, synthetic

2. Ax: Scandinavian forest ax

3. Saw: bow saw

4. Knife: 5-inch carbon steel bush knife

5. Ferro Rod

6. Paracord: 40 meters

7. Pot: 2 quart bush pot w/ handle

8. Fishing Line & Hooks: 25 hooks, 300 yards of fishing line

9. Rations

10. Rations