William Larkham Jr

Season 11

Age: 49

Hometown: Happy Valley Goose Bay, Labrador

Profession: Fisherman

William grew up in a small island community in a remote region of Labrador. Hunting, fishing, trapping and foraging was a way of life that was passed down from generations of his Inuit ancestors. This was crucial to be able to survive one of the toughest environments there is. In tough times, family and communities pulled together, creating strong bonds. These strong bonds William finds to be some of the most important to this day.

Growing up in a fishing town paved the way to becoming a fisherman. With hard work and dedication, William continued fishing and upgrading his schooling to become a fishing captain. While fishing, he met his future wife, Jillian. William considers Jillian and their two children, Anna and William (plus Honey and Swag their pets), his biggest accomplishments in life.

Here are the ten items William selected to bring on his survival journey to the unforgiving Arctic Circle:

1. Sleeping Bag

2. Axe

3. Saw

4. Knife

5. 2-Quart Pot

6. Ferro Rod

7. Snare Wire

8. Fishing Line and Hooks

9. Paracord

10. Fishing Net