Shawn Helton

Season 7

Age: 43

Hometown: Henry, TN

Profession: Tool Maker

Shawn Helton hails from Henry, Tennessee—a small town with a population of less than 600. As a kid, Shawn was always taking things apart and rebuilding them. His maker-mindset has transferred to his love of the wilderness. Learning to live off the land in the lakes area of West Tennessee, Shawn is always pushing the limits of his bushcraft and engineering skills. He invented a “Settlers Wrench” tool to help create tight bindings in his builds without the use of cordage.

His web-based survival education and trading video series, Shawn with the Wild, has educated over 20,000 followers. When not in woods, Shawn loves hanging out at home with his kids and grandkids on his 11-acre property.

Shawn is excited for the opportunity to be on Alone. His past 40 years of experience in bushcraft and living off the land has led him to this ultimate experience, and he can’t wait to take the breaks off to see what he can truly do.

Here are the ten items Shawn selected to bring on his survival journey to the Arctic:

Ferro rod

Sleeping bag



Multi tool


Fishing line and hooks

Cooking pot

Scotch eyed auger

Bow and arrows