Randy Champagne

Season 2

Randy grew up in southeast Michigan. As a young boy, he would travel north every year with his family for bow-hunting season. It was during these wilderness retreats that he learned to hunt and found a love for archery and a deep appreciation for the natural world. Today, Randy splits his time between Utah and Arizona, teaching month-long wilderness survival courses. He feels that the skills and principles he’s learned and taught over the years will help him survive Vancouver Island. Although he will miss his friends, family and favorite traveling companion, his dog, he is motivated by the support of his family and his community.

Here are the ten items Randy selected to bring on his survival journey to Vancouver Island:

1. Full Tang stainless steel knife

2. Ferro rod

3. 2 quart pot

4. Fishing lines and 25 assorted hooks

5. Crosscut carpenter saw

6. Ax

7. -20° rated sleeping bag

8. Gill net

9. Handmade bow and 6 arrows (4 broad heads, 2 field points)

10. Wire