Greg Ovens

Greg Ovens

Season 3

Greg is a self-taught survivalist who, since he was a boy, has read nearly every book on the topic. He started his first bow drill fire when he was thirteen and spent the next 40 years learning bushcraft and studying plants and edibles. He has even developed some of his own survival techniques. When his two daughters were born, he eagerly shared with them his love of the wilderness, and they spent nearly all of their time together in the woods picking berries and camping.

Here are the ten items Greg selected to bring on his survival journey to Patagonia:

1. Knife: high carbon steel archer knife, giraffe bone handle

2. Paracord

3. Pot: 2 quart stainless steel w/ handle

4. Fishing Line & Hooks: 25 assorted hooks, 60 lb test & 15 lb test

5. Bow & Arrows: laminated maple recurve, 62 inch, 55 lb pull; quiver w/ 6 carbon arrows w/ broadhead tips

6. Ax: 60 year old German steel ax

7. Saw: 60-70 year old crosscut saw

8. Sleeping bag: -40°, down-filled, waterproof

9. Ferro Rod

10. Rations