Justin Vititoe

Season 2

Justin grew up in a small Kentucky town and joined the National Guard when he was 17 years old. When he turned 20, he transferred into active duty, where he became an Infantryman in the U.S. Army and served three tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Justin is a proficient marksman, having served two combat tours as a sniper in the 101st Airborne Division and instructed at the U.S. Army Sniper School and Long Range Marksman course. While serving in the Army, he also attended several survival and tracking courses, which fueled his passion for wilderness survival. He has since instructed military, law enforcement, and civilians around the world in sniper marksmanship, camouflage, tracking, small unit tactics, and numerous other survival techniques. After leaving the military in 2014, he founded Hike 2 Survive, a program that takes veterans on hiking and camping trips in order to help them transition into civilian life and deal with the mental and emotional issues they face. For Justin, his time on Alone will be an opportunity to combine his mental strengths and survival skills to push himself past his limits.

Here are the ten items Justin selected to bring on his survival journey to Vancouver Island:

1. Multi-tool with 17 different tools

2. Ferro rod

3. 5 quart pan

4. 10 meters of 8mm climbing rope

5. 1-piece handsaw

6. Ax

7. Down sleeping bag with sleeves

8. Nylon netted hammock

9. Emergency rations

10. Emergency rations