Joe Robinet

Season 1

Joe’s interest in the outdoors began at a young age. Most of his childhood years were spent outside building shelters and watching animals. Always determined to improve his understanding of the wild and hone his skills, Joe began to participate in various bush crafting classes, where the skill sets ran from basic foraging and gathering of wild edibles to the more advanced principles of fire construction. His biggest adventure came when he was able to spend several days alone in an igloo in subzero temperatures in Northern Ontario. He’s left behind his wife, his daughter and their dog. Joe’s goal is to last as long as he can on Vancouver Island, but he also knows that this is an opportunity to test his limits, his skills and his spirit, and see just how far he can push himself in the wild.

Here are the ten items Joe selected to bring on his survival journey to Vancouver Island:

1. 12x 12 tarp

2. 550 paracord – 20m

3. Ax

4. Sleeping bag

5. Large 2-quart pot

6. Ferro rod

7. 300 yards of single filament line with 25 assorted hooks

8. Small gauge gill net

9. Extra emergency rations

10. Large knife