Sam Larson

Season 5

Age: 25
Lincoln, NE
Wilderness Skills Instructor

Sam Larson is an author and outdoor educator from Lincoln, Nebraska. As an educator, Sam teaches wilderness living classes on everything from animal processing to canoeing.  Since his 55 days on season one of Alone, Sam has added two new members to his family. His son, born shortly after his return from Vancouver Island, is now a 2 year-old that enjoys exploring the woods just as much as his dad. His daughter was born just days before he left for Mongolia. In his free time Sam enjoys writing and spending time with his family. His goal is to learn the ways of this Mongolian wilderness with an open mind, pursuing whatever it may teach him.

Here are the ten items Sam selected to bring on his survival journey to Mongolia:

1. Saw
2. Axe
3. Pot
4. Ferro rod
5. Multitool
6. Food Ration
7. Food ration
8. Sleeping bag
9. Paracord
10. Trapping wire