Sarah Poynter

Season 11

Age: 48

Hometown: Skwentna, AK

Profession: Fishing Lodge Owner

Sarah was raised in St. Petersburg Florida, not exposed to much outdoor recreation beyond swimming and beach combing. Her love for the outdoors flourished when she met her husband, whose entire life revolved around the outdoors. It was then that she evolved to from being an anti-hunting vegetarian to being an outdoor enthusiast. Through that evolution, her life transformed.

Sarah and her husband lived in Sun Valley, Idaho and Central Oregon, hunting, fishing and camping until almost 20 years ago. They decided to run away from the modern conveniences of life to being in the remote wilderness of Alaska to raise her two children. Survival readiness and subsistence were mandatory to living a remote lifestyle, so Sarah’s knowledge, skills and passion strengthened. Now, Sarah spends her days running her remote Alaskan fishing lodge and teaching her grandchildren how to embrace nature.

Here are the ten items Sarah selected to bring on her survival journey to the unforgiving Arctic Circle:

1. Sleeping Bag

2. Paracord

3. 2-Quart Pot

4. Ferro Rod

5. Snare Wire

6. Fishing Line and Hooks

7. Bow and Arrows

8. Hatchet

9. Saw

10. Multitool