Brad Richardson

Season 5

Age: 24
Fox Lake, IL

Since season 4, Brad has remained an avid outdoorsman, spending most of his free time practicing primitive skills throughout the Midwest and lower sections of the boreal forest. Learning the ways of his forefathers, Brad’s grown very comfortable in a wilderness setting. Along with his love for the outdoors he is also a blacksmith. Through the company he runs with his siblings, Brad hand-forges knives and tools. When he’s not busy forging and camping, he creates educational bushcraft and blacksmithing videos.

Here are the ten items Brad selected to bring on his survival journey to Mongolia:

1. Axe
2. Saw
3. Knife
4. Trapping wire
5. Fishing line and hooks
6. Bow and arrows
7. Sleeping bag
8. Ferro rod
9. Frying pan
10. Food Ration