Brant McGee

Season 1

Born in North Carolina, Brant grew up hunting and fishing on the Atlantic coast, on inland lakes and along rivers. During his military career in the U.S. Coast Guard, Brant was introduced to both land and sea survival techniques. After his tour with the Coast Guard, Brant became a full time employee of the Army Guard, where he served the remainder of his career as a helicopter crewman and gunner. Brant has utilized the skills he learned during his military career and forged a deeper understanding and respect for various survival techniques. Brant has also traveled as far as the Arctic Circle to provide aviation survival courses and impart the lessons he’s learned surviving in some of the world’s most challenging environments. For Brant, this experience on Vancouver Island is about the challenge and personal struggle he knows he will face. Brant has left behind a wife and three daughters to travel to the island. He believes if his various experiences have taught him anything, it is that survival is extremely dynamic and success or failure can hinge on the smallest factors.

Here are the ten items Brant selected to bring on his survival journey to Vancouver Island:

1. 12×12 ground sheet tarp

2. 550 paracord – 20m

3. Ax

4. Sleeping bag

5. Large 2-quart pot

6. Ferro rod

7. 300 yards of single filament line with 25 assorted hooks

8. Bow and 6 arrows

9. Extra emergency rations

10. Knife