Alex and Logan Ribar

Season 4

Alex Ribar
Age: 48
Montville, ME
Construction Foreman

Alex grew up in the wilderness of Maine, along a lake where he learned how to fish, hunt, and be a self-reliant woodsman. He joined the Marines in 1991, proudly serving in the Gulf War as an infantryman with a specialty as an armorer. Since serving in the Marine Corps, Alex has become a skilled foreman and supervisor for a bridge and marine construction company, as well as a licensed propane, natural gas and oil technician. When he’s not working with his hands, Alex is busy taking courses for becoming a Registered Maine Guide. He’s a proud father of two children: his daughter Joslyn and son Logan, who will be making the trek with him to Vancouver Island.

Logan Ribar
Age: 19
Liberty, ME
Equipment Operator

Logan grew up in the woods of Maine and has always enjoyed being out in nature. He’s an animal lover, and enjoys learning how to coexist with them. Building shelters and tracking wildlife are two of his favorite hobbies, and he has a desire to live amongst the wilderness. He learned a lot of his survival skills by sharing long camping trips with his father, Alex, whom Logan credits as his biggest inspiration. Logan feels at home in the woods, and has a deep respect for his ancestors who lived in the wilderness as explorers and settlers. An avid explorer himself, Logan hopes to someday become a traveling wilderness guide.

Here are the ten items Alex and Logan selected to bring on their survival journey to Vancouver Island:

  • Bow and arrows
  • Paracord – 500 lb. Rated
  • Gillnet
  • Ax – 24″
  • Multitool
  • Fishing line and hooks – 6 lb. test, 30 lb. test, 60 lb. test
  • Pot – stainless steel, 2 quarts
  • Tarp – 12′ x 12′
  • Saw – 24″ folding saw
  • Rations