Lucas Miller

Season 1

Although he resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico, having grown up in northeastern Iowa, Lucas was a farm boy who always felt at home outdoors. When presented with the opportunity to see the world at 19, Lucas accepted, and the resulting journey led him to study a variety of subjects that included traditional medicine, indigenous living skills, rites of passage, homesteading and wilderness living. After being diagnosed with Lyme disease, he combined a vegetarian lifestyle, supported by his practice of yoga and curative therapies to help himself heal. Healthy again, Lucas embarked on a trip into the Rocky Mountains, without food, to partake in a vision fast. He’s leaving behind his parents, four siblings, eight nieces and nephews and his girlfriend. As he prepares to experience the wilderness of northern Vancouver Island alone, Lucas believes his work with wilderness therapies will offer him a great advantage over the other participants. He knows this unique experience will test him spiritually, mentally and physically.

Here are the ten items Lucas selected to bring on his survival journey to Vancouver Island:

1. 12×12 ground sheet tarp

2. Saw

3. Ax

4. Sleeping bag

5. Large 2-quart pot

6. Ferro rod

7. 300 yards of single filament line with 25 assorted hooks

8. Extra Tarp

9. Extra emergency rations

10. Knife