Jodi Rose

Season 10

Age: 45

Hometown: Worland, WY

Profession: Owner of Wild River Tables

Jodi’s love of all things self-reliance began in childhood. The influence of her homesteading grandparents and parents led Jodi on a lifelong journey of surviving and thriving in the wild.

Growing up in the rugged mountains of Wyoming provided Jodi with the unquestionably unique opportunity to be at one with nature and to use only what nature provided. Jodi’s parents were contract fence builders and guides and were consistently contracted for jobs that took them deep into the wilderness of Wyoming. Much of Jodi’s childhood and teenage years were spent on the back of a horse in the mountains following her parents on one adventure to the next, all over the state. During that time never a moment was lost to teaching Jodi and her siblings the arts of bushcrafting, wilderness survival and self-reliance. Horseback riding and self-reliance came naturally to Jodi, and since those young days she spent on the back of her horse, she has always felt at one with nature. Her love of the wilderness and animals began her down the path, which eventually led her to find her way to Alone.

Jodi and her partner, Frank, have five children together. Zak, Klayton, Josie, Josh, and Isac were raised on the family cattle ranch in the middle of the Wind River Indian Reservation. Jodi and her husband have continued the generational tradition of teaching self-reliance and living off the land to their children. Her family resides in the remote wilderness of the Rocky Mountains for five months of the year while procuring beetle kill pine for their family furniture business, Wild River Tables. The rest of the year, they work side by side building epoxy river tables and furniture.

Jodi is passionate about living off the land and connecting to God through nature. She continually strives to learn new things and is always testing her self-reliance. Her desire to truly test her skills will become a reality in Northern Saskatchewan on Season 10 of Alone.

Here are the ten items Jodi selected to bring on her survival journey to the bone-chilling temperatures of Northern Saskatchewan, Canada:

1. Bow and Arrows

2. Fishing Line and Hooks

3. Cooking Pot

4. Paracord

5. Multitool

6. Snare Wire

7. Saw

8. Axe

9. Sleeping Bag

10. Ferro Rod