Ray Livingston from Alone

Ray Livingston

Season 6

Age: 43

Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Profession: Search and Rescue K9 Handler

Ray was an English major and philosophy minor at U of O.  After college, Ray spent time as a police officer in Eugene, Oregon, before moving into the transportation industry, where he continues to work today.

Ray is an avid bowhunter, upland game bird hunter, and hiker. Because of his love for the outdoors, he started developing his wilderness skills as a safeguard against any problems he might encounter during his solo wilderness outings. This eventually led Ray to start volunteering as a search and rescue K9 handler in 2011 as a way to use his knowledge helping others. Ray and his search dog “Leroy”, a Pudelpointer, were the 2016 “K9 and Handler of the Year” for one of the largest groups in the area.

Ray is leaving behind his wonderful new wife Angie, his two sons, Dezmon and Marcellus, as well as his entire tribe of great friends and family. Ray plans on actively drawing on the energy of his tribe during his profound personal journey on Alone Season 6!

Here are the ten items Ray selected to bring on his survival journey to the Arctic:

1. Multitool
2. Saw
3. Ax
4. Sleeping bag
5. Pot
6. Ferro rod
7. Fishing line and hooks
8. Bow and arrows
9. Trapping wire
10. Knife