Zachary Fowler

Zachary Fowler

Season 3

Fowler, as he’s known, was born in Vermont, where he grew up enjoying outdoor adventures with his parents. After high school, he studied boat building in Maine and discovered such a knack for it, that he began building boats as a career. At age 21, he permanently moved to coastal Maine and bought two and a half acres of rugged, wooded land. During this time, he spent his days making boats and every free moment playing in the wilderness. After he met his wife, Jami, the two started a self-sufficient lifestyle, living in a hand-built yurt. Along with their daughters, Abigail and Sparrow, they continue to pursue the dream of self-sufficiency.

Here are the ten items Fowler selected to bring on his survival journey to Patagonia:

1. Shovel: Spetznas (Russian Special Forces) model w/ sharpened edge

2. Sleeping Bag: -20°

3. Ax: felling ax

4. Pot: 2 quarts w/ handle

5. Ferro Rod

6. Slingshot: custom-made, 2 elastic bands, 30 pieces of ammo

7. Fishing Line & Hooks: 25 hooks; 20 lb test & 50 lb test

8. Paracord

9. Saw: crosscut saw

10. Multitool: pliers, guthook, screwdriver, blade, spoon gauge, file, scissors, sewing awl