Igor Limansky

Season 9

Age: 40

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Profession: Community Leadership

Igor is a first-generation American and son of an Armenian-Egyptian mother and a French-Russian father. His connections to his familial cultures and his American culture has guided his work in community organizing and leadership for the past 13 years. He believes that the way we treat the land is the model for the way we treat each other. He is dedicated to experiencing wilderness living through thanksgiving, reciprocity, and presence.

As a meditation practitioner with 15+ years of experience he sees his time on Alone as an opportunity to deepen his relationship with the land, draw on the wisdom and experience of his ancestors, and engage in an extended wilderness meditation retreat.

Igor is a community organizer and leadership consultant “by day,” and bowhunter, wild game chef, traveler, and writer “by night”.

Here are the ten items Igor selected to bring on his survival journey to the remote wilderness valley in Labrador, Canada:

1. Sleeping bag

2. Bow and arrows

3. Multitool

4. 2-quart pot

5. Ferro rod

6. Trapping wire

7. Fishing line and hooks

8. Paracord

9. Folding saw

10. Ax