Shannon and Jesse Bosdell

Season 4

Shannon Bosdell
Age: 44
Wrangell, AK

Shannon grew up in Central Maine, where he and his younger brother Jesse, two of ten siblings, supplemented their family’s low income with food they hunted themselves. At a young age, he moved to Alaska, where he owned and operated an assisted living facility. He now lives in Wrangell, a small island in southeast Alaska, where works as a commercial fisherman. Shannon and his family live a subsistence lifestyle, providing for themselves by hunting and fishing.

Jesse Bosdell
Age: 31
Skowhegan, ME
Retired Green Beret

Jesse was raised in Central Maine, the eighth of ten children. Along with his siblings, including big brother Shannon, Jesse developed survival skills out of necessity more than entertainment, hunting and foraging to help provide for the family. Jesse joined the military shortly after the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks, and spent over nine years in the U.S. Army, with deployments to both Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. He also served as an advisor for foreign militaries, and has trained with Special Operations forces from around the globe. Jesse has honed his survival skills serving with the Green Berets, as well as many bush expeditions alongside his brothers. He’s currently studying for his biomedical engineering degree, with the intent to improve prosthetics for wounded veterans.

Here are the ten items Shannon and Jesse selected to bring on their survival journey to Vancouver Island:

  • Gillnet
  • Tarp – 12′ x 12′
  • Fishing line and hooks
  • Pot – 2 quarts, cast iron
  • Saw
  • Bow and arrows
  • Multitool
  • Canteen
  • Rations
  • Rations