Tracy Wilson

Season 2

Tracy was born into a military family stationed overseas and grew up all over the United States due to her family’s military commitment. Never in any one place for very long, she found solace in the great outdoors. She was taught survival and bush crafting skills by her father and other family members and developed a deep love and respect for nature. Tracy would later enter the military and law enforcement, like her family before her, but she never lost her love for the land. As an adult, she’s continued to learn and hone her skills, and has even begun passing lessons onto her children, and to anyone else willing to learn. When Tracy heard about the show, she felt it would be the perfect chance to continue her quest for inner peace.

Here are the ten items Tracy selected to bring on her survival journey to Vancouver Island:

1. Hunting knife

2. Ferro rod

3. 2 quart pot

4. 200 yards of 40 lb test fishing line, 100 yards of 20 lb test line and 25 hooks

5. Collapsible saw

6. 3 lb ax

7. -40° rated sleeping bag

8. Gill net

9. Emergency rations

10. Emergency rations