Brooke Whipple

Season 5

Age: 46
Fox, AK / Reed City, MI
Outdoor Educator

Spending her winters in Reed City, Michigan and her summers in Fox, Alaska, Brooke Whipple is a light-hearted, adventurer and explorer. She has spent a lifetime chasing wilderness endeavors and is passionate about sharing her enthusiasm for the outdoors. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Outdoor/Adventure Recreation Management and has taught thousands of youth and adults the joy of outdoor exploration.

She is the mother of two awesome children, Belle, 14, and Mickey, 12.  Brooke has been married to her husband, Dave, for 19 years and it was with him that she endured 49 days on Vancouver Island on Alone Season 4.

Brooke is looking forward to this new challenge in Mongolia and hopes to surpass her previous stay on Vancouver Island.

Here are the ten items Brooke selected to bring on her survival journey to Mongolia:

1. Axe
2. Saw
3. Sleeping bag
4. Fishing line and hooks
5. Ferro rod
6. Multitool
7. Pot
8. Bow and arrows
9. Food ration
10. Trapping wire