Rose Moore from Alone Season 8

Rose Anna Moore

Season 8

Age: 43

Hometown: Wellsboro, PA

Profession: Retail Sporting Goods Shop and Training Center Owner

Rose grew up in Tioga County, PA, where she spent most of her childhood hunting and fishing the trout streams of the beautiful Pine Creek Gorge area. Learning these skills and having an interest in sustainable living helped Rose develop an adaptable and agile nature. While most of her childhood was spent moving from one environment to another or from one home to another, Rose has always found a way to make the changes and curveballs work for her as she navigates through life’s journey.

As a mother of a 25-year-old daughter and a 22-year-old son, Rose aimed to raise her children with the knowledge they would need to live sustainable lives. This included teaching them how to garden, hunt, trap, fish, and raise and harvest farm animals. Now that her children are grown, Rose spends most of her free time teaching local youths about the importance of hunting, trapping, and the cultural aspects associated with understanding conservation. Whether it’s through community wide classes or showcasing her own pursuit of a bow North American Super Slam, Rose always promotes understanding each animal and directly showing how conservation is important. Some of the hunts that Rose showcases include Musk Oxen in Greenland and invasive species like Pythons in the Florida Everglades.

Because of her lifestyle, travels, core beliefs, daily practices, and lessons learned, Rose believes that her drive and determination to never quit will put her at an advantage. While Season 8 of Alone will be one of the most challenging adventures of Rose’s journey, she is looking forward to putting all of her skills together to create a sustainable life for herself in the wilderness.

Here are the ten items Rose selected to bring on her survival journey to Grizzly Mountain:

1. Bow and arrows

2. Sleeping bag

3. Multitool

4. Fishing line and hooks

5. Pot

6. Snare wire

7. Paracord

8. Saw

9. Axe

10. Ferro rod